Publishing Services

Northern Wilds Media, Inc. publishes books as North Shore Press. We primarily focus on guidebooks and regional nonfiction. Our titles are available to booksellers via a national distributor.

We also work with authors on self-publishing projects [scroll down]. We’ve done everything from books intended for family and friends to books for local audiences. We provide all aspects of book production, including editing and proofing, design and layout, and printing.


North Shore Press publishes books about the Lake Superior region. We prefer nonfiction such as guides, local history and topics of local interest. Before making a submission to us, please read the following guidelines.

General Guidelines

  • We accept submissions by mail or email, and we prefer digital submissions.
  • Please allow three months for the editors to review and respond to a proposal.
  • Please do not include originals of any sort or any materials 
  • of value.
  • Please include your email address with your submission.

What to Include in Your Proposal

  • Include a one-page cover letter giving a brief description of the project, why you think North Shore Press should publish it, what’s included in the package, and your contact information.
  • If your proposal is a simultaneous submission, please indicate this in your cover letter.
  • Include an outline, introduction, sample illustrations or photographs, sample captions, sample recipes (if cookbook) and text/sample chapters.
  • When submitting artwork, either as a part of a project or as samples for review, please do not send original art.
  • Include a market analysis of the potential readership for the book. Who is the reader? What trends does the title speak to? Include a list of similar titles including the publisher, date of publication, and a brief explanation of how your book differs from what’s currently available.
  • Include an author/illustrator/photographer biography that includes publishing credits and credentials in the field.
  • If you would like confirmation of receipt, please include a self-addressed stamped postcard for the editor to put in the mail upon receiving your proposal.

Where to Send Your Proposal:

Northern Wilds Media, Inc.
Attn: North Shore Press
PO Box 26
Grand Marais, MN 55604


Northern Wilds Media offers all of the services to make your
self-publishing project a success. Whether it is a family memoir,
a company commemorative or a special project, we provide
the services you need to accomplish the task.

Writing: Need someone to tell your story? We have professional writers available to help you.

Editing/Proofing: Our editorial staff can copyedit and proofread your text and subsequent book drafts.

Graphic Design: Our graphics staff can design the cover and interior pages of your book so that it is appealing and professional in appearance.

Layout: Our team will lay out your book pages and format it for print.

Printing: We can arrange printing services for you from small runs of a few copies to large runs of 1,000 copies
or more.

Sales and Distribution: Northern Wilds Media sells and distributes books to North Shore booksellers. We also sell books at our online bookstore at Our goal is to ensure that local and regional books are widely available within the target market. We can do it for your book, too.

Getting Started

Contact Northern Wilds Media to discuss your project. When we have a clear idea of your needs, we can provide a project cost estimate.