Northern Wilds Media offers all of the services to make your self-publishing project a success. Whether it is a family memoir, a company commemorative or a special project, we provide the services you need to accomplish the task. 

Writing: Need someone to tell your story? We have professional writers available to help you.

Editing/Proofing: Our editorial staff can copy-edit and proofread your text and subsequent book drafts.

Graphic Design: Our graphics staff can design the cover and interior pages of your book so that it is appealing and professional in appearance.

Layout: Our team will lay out your book pages and format it for print.

Printing: We can arrange printing services for you from small runs of a few copies to large runs of 1,000 copies
or more.

Sales and Distribution: Northern Wilds Media sells and distributes books in N.E. Minnesota. We also sell books at our online bookstore at Our goal is to ensure that local and regional books are widely available within the target market. We can do it for your book, too.

For books that need further distribution services, we can recommend some companies for you to work with. 

Getting Started

Contact Northern Wilds Media to discuss your project. When we have a clear idea of your needs, we can provide a project cost estimate.