North Shore Press


North Shore Press publishes books about the Lake Superior region. We prefer nonfiction such as guides, local history and topics of local interest. Before making a submission to us, please read the following guidelines.

General Guidelines

  • We accept submissions by mail or email, and we prefer digital submissions.
  • Please allow three months for the editors to review and respond to a proposal.
  • Please do not include originals of any sort or any materials of value.
  • Please include your email address with your submission.

What to Include in Your Proposal

  • Include a one-page cover letter giving a brief description of the project, why you think North Shore Press should publish it, what’s included in the package, and your contact information.
  • If your proposal is a simultaneous submission, please indicate this in your cover letter.
  • Include an outline, introduction, sample illustrations or photographs, sample captions, sample recipes (if cookbook) and text/sample chapters.
  • When submitting artwork, either as a part of a project or as samples for review, please do not send original art.
  • Include a market analysis of the potential readership for the book. Who is the reader? What trends does the title speak to? Include a list of similar titles including the publisher, date of publication, and a brief explanation of how your book differs from what’s currently available.
  • Include an author/illustrator/photographer biography that includes publishing credits and credentials in the field.
  • If you would like confirmation of receipt, please include a self-addressed stamped postcard for the editor to put in the mail upon receiving your proposal.

Where to Send Your Proposal:

Northern Wilds Media, Inc.
Attn: North Shore Press
PO Box 26
Grand Marais, MN 55604