Lighthouses of Lake Superior's North Shore by Elle Andra-Warner

The historic beacons of Minnesota, Isle Royale, and Ontario

By Elle Andra-Warner

A comprehensive guide to the lighthouses and navigational beacons from Duluth, Minnesota to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Discover the lighthouses you can visit, from state and national parks to wilderness islands. Learn about the storms and shipwrecks that led to their construction, the lonely lives of the keepers and the role they play in present-day maritime navigation. 

218 page paperback. Full color with photos and maps.
Published by North Shore Press/Northern Wilds Media

About the Author
Born in a castle while in a post-war Estonian displaced persons camp in Europe, Elle Andra-Warner lived for a time in England, then came to Canada with her parents in the 1950s, settling on the Lake Superior shoreline in Port Arthur, Ontario (now part of the city of Thunder Bay). The sounds and sights of Great Lakes shipping were an everyday part of her Canadian childhood. She is the author of several books, including Edmund Fitzgerald, The Legendary Great Lakes Shipwreck.

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